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Rotary file Detailed Length + Taper information


AF F One

AF Blue S4

AF Blue

AF Blue R3

Technique Video’s

Ultra Mint Video

Fast Pack GP Searing

Obturation Video by Dr Fabio Gorni of Style Italiano Endodontics

Tomident Equipment User Manuals

E Connect S Cordless Endo Motor In Built Apex Locator

E Xtreme Cordless Endo Motor

E Pex Pro Apex Locator

E Connect Pro Cordless Endo Motor

Ultra X Ultra Sonic Irrigant Activator

Fast Pack Cordless GP Heating Tip / Searing Unit

Fast Fill Cordless GP Back Filling Unit

Nano Pix X-Ray Sensor

Ultra Mint Ultra Sonic Scaler Unit

Ultra Mint Pro Ultra Sonic Scaler Unit with Water Tank

Extra Oral Vacuum System

HyperLight Portable X Ray

Tomident Equipment Software

Nano Pix Twain Driver

Helios Intra Oral Scanner IOS