OrthoMTA Carrier
1. Introduction
This device provides unrestricted access to the canal orifice, allowing an accurate orthograde grafting procedure with MTA whilst avoiding the dispersion of the root grafting material in the oral cavity.

The use of MTA powder in orthograde grafting of the root canal was introduced by Dr Yoo (2009). To improve the prognosis for success of orthograde grafting with MTA, BioMTA concentrated on the development of orthograde root canal grafting materials.

The orthograde grafting techniques with OrthoMTA have resulted in a considerable improvement in the quality of orthograde root canal graftings and significantly improved the success rate statistics.

The apical 5mm preparation of the root canal is particularly important.
This is because orthograde root canal grafting requires sufficient space for apical irrigation and apical plug formation without microleakage.

The success of orthograde root canal grafting depends to a very large extent on the quality of the orthograde obturation. OrthoMTA has superior sealing properties to any other materials.
2. Material
During the last three years the OrthoMTA carrier has been extensively clinically tested and has been continuously improved particularly in terms of the materials used.
2.1 Instruments

The complete instrument set consists of a stainless steel applicator syringe (fig.1) with a bayonet catch for the disposable cannulas (needles) and luer lock connector.
The small diameter of the application needles means that the root canal grafting can be applied directly into the root canal orifice.

7.   MTA Carrier Easy to handle, durable & AutoclavableMedical grade stainless steel body andNiTi Plunger  Uses disposable and bendable needletip to avoid cross-contamination + 2 extra NiTi plunger are       included.


8.  Plunger 18G (4pcs/pack) Niti-tip of the Carrier Autoclavable Robust and durable Helps the MTA to be released from the Carrier.


9.   Needle Tips 18G(50pcs/pack) Disposable needle tips for the OrthoMTA Carrier

10. Plunger 16G (4pcs/pack) iti-tip of the Carrier Autoclavable Robust and durable Helps the MTA to be released from the Carrier
11. Needle Tips 16G (50pcs/pack) Disposable needle tips 16 gauge For OrthoMTA Carrier


12. Bender (3pcs/pack) Easy to curve a disposable 18g needle tip


 Re Usable MTA Carrier 

Disposable tips 

 Items included in the Biofilling Starter Kit
- OrthoMTA Carrier
- Plugger OMP-03
- Compactor 21mm & 25mm
- Bender
- K-file
- Distilled water
- Plunger 18g, 16g
- Needle Tip 18g , Needle Tip 16g
- Resin Block
- OrthoMTA 0.2g x 4 vials
- Cotton Bud


OrthoMTA has a fine granularity of only 2 microns. It penetrates into dental tubules and fuses itself to the surface where it is applied. In addition it prevents micro-leakage by forming an interfacing layer of hydroxyapatite (Hap) between the OrthoMTA and the canal wall. Furthermore, it exhibits a bioactive characteristic: it releases Calcium ions through the apical foramen and neutralizes the apical portion of the root. Thus forming an interfacial hydoxyapatite layer (Hap) and releasing Calcium ions which induce regeneration of the apical peridontium.


The OrthoMTA grafting system means:

  • reduced manual work
  • no micro-leakage or waste of material
  • and last but not least, incredibly good prognoses.
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