Complete Cordless Endo System

1x E Connect S Motor

1x Ultra X Irrigant Activator

1x Fast Pack

1x Fast Fill

1x GP bars refill


E-Connect S

Slim Well Balanced Cordless Endodontic Motor with Built in Apex locator.
Completely adjustable in all settings including rotation speed, torque and direction.


• Brushless motor

• Cordless handle

• Reciprocating mode with adjustable speed and adjustable angles from 30° to 370°

• Continuous Rotation – Speed 120 to 1000 rpm

• Pre-settings of almost all file systems, both rotary and reciprocating. Can be customised by the user

• Built-in Apex Locator: integrate with motor function or use as standalone apex locator

• Torque Calibration

• Ambidextrous Display - Screen can be rotated for left or right-hand use

• Different working modes: CW: Clockwise Continuous Rotation CCW: Counter Clockwise Continuous Rotation REC: Reciprocation Movement ATC: Adaptive Torque Control

• Auto Start and Stop - Motor starts moving when the file enters inside the root canal, and stops when withdrawn

• Apical Reverse: When the file reaches pre-set apical reverse point, user can define whether the file starts moving in reverse direction

• Apical Slow Down: to preserve the cemento-dentinal junction and avoid file separation, speed of motor slows down when the file is in apical region

• OLED screen

• Powerful Li-ion battery


• Adaptor working voltage: AC100-240v, 50/60Hz

• Rotational speed range: 120 to 1000 rpm

• Torque range: 0.5-4.0 Ncm

• Memory programmes: 11

• Battery capacity: 1500 mAh


Ultra X - Cordless endodontic ultrasonic activator


The ultimate tool for Activation, Gp removal & Instrument retrieval


Uses 45kHz ultrasonic frequencies which utilise the principle of acoustic microstreaming, agitation, and cavitation to reach difficult to instrument areas of the root canal system.



• 45kHz ultrasonic frequency

• Variable Frequency Control

• Self-adjusting frequency during treatment

• Powerful battery 1500 mAh

• Lightweight (95g)

• The wrench, protective sleeves, and tips are autoclavable

• 3 packs of 2 activator tips included:

• Blue: Bendable tip for activation of irritants in curved root canals & removal of GP during re-treatment.

• Silver: soft & flexible tip for activation of irritants in challenging curved canals.

• Gold: super-powerful titanium tip for retrieval of instruments separated in the canal.


Tips sizes:

• Blue: Length: 18mm, Size: 20/2% and 25/2% (1 each)

• Silver: Length: 21mm, Size: 20/2% (2 of)

• Gold: Length: 18mm, Size: 20/2% and 25/2% (1 each)


Complete Kit contains one of each sets of tips as above (Six tips total).

Replacement tips are sold per set of each colour (Two tips total).

Tips are re usable and autoclavable.

Tips are to be replaced when fatigued as a consumable item.


Obturation Combo

Free refill GP bars x 100


FAST FILL – Back Fill for 3D Obturation System

Key Specifications

  • Motorized hand-piece allows for a consistent flow and homogenous 3D filling
  • Pencil-grip hand-piece enhances control
  • Precise temperature control for consistency
  • Extra-long needles offer convenience and unprecedented visibility
  • Heats quickly
  • Hand-piece shows remaining GP


  • Battery Status
  • Displays remaining GP
  • Displays real-time temperature

Comes with 2 tips, 1x Large 1x Small. Base Charger & Manual


 FAST PACK – Down pack for 3D Obturation System

Temperature Settings: 90 to 250°C (90, 120, 140, 150, 160, 180, 200, 220, 250)

Time Settings: Auto cut-off time 3 to 10 seconds

Memory Programs: 5 Programs from T1 to T5 Internally Heated Tip

• Only the working end of the tip is heated- avoids need for insulated sleeve

• Non-working end is insulated from within and stays cool- making it comfortable for patients and also saves battery

• Safety cap where the tip’s non-working end is plugged into the device-safer for you Heating Time • 0.2 Seconds to 200°C

• 0.5 Seconds to 250°C

• Quick heating prevents damage to PDL

Cooling Time

• 2 seconds

• Swift cooling prevents GP coming along with a heating tip Battery

• Replaceable Li-ion battery

• 2 hours to complete charge

• 15 minutes turbo-charge to 30%

• 4 hours of continuous operation at 250 degree Celsius

• 50 cases with a single charge

• Directly plug-in to an electrical supply to operate with zero battery

Ergonomics: 360 degree start/stop ring, allows operation from any angle comfortable

Packaging: • 1 Fast Pack Device, 3 Tips, Charger, Base, User Manual

Complete Cordless Endo System

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