Measure the root canal length by inserting the K-File connected to the apex locator.

Shape and Fill

Shape and fill the root canal being sure the tooth will always stay in the right position.

Take RX

The system is equipped with a space for the vertical positioning of intraoral radiographic film.


Make endodontic irrigation with you can perform root canal washes with saline solution.

Measure the File

Through a millimetre scale equipped. The inventors philosophy Dr. Riccardo Tonini Degree in dentistry is a specialist in endodontics. Whimsical, professional and competent, using the microscope and the most modern systems and materials for endodontic therapy. Inventor of Protrain, patented and distributed worldwide. Inventor of other medical devices that simplify the daily practice of the dentist.

In recent years there has been a radical evolution in the field of endodontic thanks to the introduction of new tools and techniques for shaping. With the introduction of these innovative systematic changed endodontic techniques operating at all stages: the shaping and cleaning up the three-dimensional obturation of the root canal. These tools enhance the quality and predictability of root canal treatment by reducing the operating time. In order to learn these systematic operators need practical exercises with the help of endodontic simulators and using extracted teeth. Until now no device is able to faithfully reproduce the texture and hardness of dental tissues and its endodontic anatomy extremely variable.

ProTrain is a device designed specifically for endodontic training and allows the operator to perform endodontic therapy on extracted teeth as if they were still alive. The extracted tooth is locked by a ring nut to allow the operator to perform all the operations necessary for a correct endodontic treatment.

ProTrain was born from my own need in the days when I was a student and I need to practice on extracted teeth. In particular riscontravo difficulty performing root canal treatments handheld without having the possibility of using the apex locator. The success of Protrain in Italy and abroad shows that this need staff is shared and recognized by many other professionals and specialists in the field.
Protrain today is recognized as the only complete and true endodontic simulator.

Protrain Endo Training Device

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