Imagine an investment that allows you to cast the finest rpd frames, crowns, facings inlays or onlays in whatever alloy or ceramic ingot you require !


Z4 Universal investment is your only choice :


- The most dimentionally stable investment material on the market.

- Extreme versatility to you adapted requirements

- Extremely fine flowing.

- Extra long working time.

- Very smooth and strong in the smallest detail.

- Totally adaptable in your working scheme.


This technique allows for :

- Optimal patient comfort.

- CAD designed structures can be manufactured and cast.

- Traditional wax manufacturing to cast.


Z4 investment is the one and only Universal investment :

- All designing techniques

- All metals or ceramics

- Normal preheating or Speed preheating, cast now, tomorrow or next week.


Package comes in 24 x 500g bags and with 3 x 1l bottles Special investment liquid.

SKU:Z4 Investment 12KG
Z4 Investment 12KG (24x500g +3L)

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